Quilt Block Carrier

Quilt Block Carrier Instruction

Cut 2 width of fabric strips 2 inches wide. Join the fabric as you would a binding. Fold in half
right sides together and press with an iron. Sew the fabric binding to 3 sides of the pre-quilted
fabric, leaving one short side unbound because it will be glued to the cardboard mailing tube.

Sew the piece of flannel about 4" from the un-binded end. Making sure that the flannel is narrower
than the finished width of the carrier.

Fold your 2 yards of ribbon in half length wise to find the center. Sew it to the middle of the
opposite end of the carrier on the outside, just above the binding. (So when you roll up the
carrier it will allow you to tie it closed).

Cut 2 - 4" fabric circles and 2 - 2" cardboard circles. These are to cover the ends of the mailing
tube. Sew a running stitch (by hand) about an 1/8 of and inch from the edge, take a ball of fiber
fill and place it in the middle of the circle and place your cardboard circle on the fill. Pull
your needle and stitching as to gather up the fabric over the disk and fiber fill stitch a few more
stitches and knot the thread. It should look like a pin cushion. Try and see if it fits your plastic
end cap to the mailing tube. Make the other pincushion for the other end and glue gun them into place.

Place your mailing tube on the unfinished short end of your pre-quilted fabric to see if it fits the
width. With the glue gun put a 1/4" line of glue from binding to binding on the fabric. Press your
mailing tube on it. Roll the fabric tightly. Observing where you should again run a line of glue to
hold the tube onto your fabric. (Encasing the tube with fabric). Glue ... Hold in place (until the
glue cools). Roll your carrier and tie with the ribbon.

The carrier is now ready to go to class with you.

Download the instruction in pdf format here

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